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On the 18th April 2015 took place the Open Base of the 75th Anniversary of the Air Base nº2, at Ota, currently housing the CFMTFA, or Centro de Formação Militar e Técnica da Força Aérea (Military and Technical Formation Center of the Air Force), opportunity to check the status of the local w&r…


The main gate at BA.2 is guarded by Republic F-84G Thunderjet no.5201 (s/n 51-10194; exK-76 RNethAF) (  f/n 1979 )

CFMTFA (hangar)
15249 Alphajet A (c/n 0152; ex41+52)
30+04 FIAT G.91R/3 (c/n 91-1-0057)
9379 SE.3160 Alouette III (c/n1835; includes parts of c/n 1612)
3707 FTB-337G (c/n 0008)

CFMTFA (outside)
2611 Northrop T-38A (s/n 61-0872)    

CFMTFA (noted North of the control tower)
32+85 FIAT G.91R/3 (c/n 91-555)
2401 Cessna T-37C (c/n 40737; s/n 62-5937)
2407 Cessna T-37C (c/n 40731; s/n 62-5931)
2414 Cessna T-37C (s/n 62-5932)
2515 Beechcraft C-45H (Museu do Ar collection)
15506 LTV A-7P (c/n A-159; Bu153250)
14804 Lockheed P-3P (c/n 5405; Bu155295)
CFMTFA (firefighting training area)
5431 FIAT G.91R/4 (c/n 91-4-0136; BD+368; exOGMA)
32+87 FIAT G.91R/3 (c/n 91-558)
15512 LTV A-7P (c/n A-079; Bu153170)
15532 LTV A-7P (c/n A-125; Bu153216)

Thanks to: all the data was compiled with information provided by Tiago Leitão, José Luis Lopes (a.k.a. UNCLE Z), and Paulo Fernandes. Thank you guys! Thanks also to MP for the additional data.


BEJA (BA11), 4 October 2014

Gate Guards - 1951 T-33AN; 2610 T-38A; 20+99 F-104G has been removed for quite some time for restoration however, instead of restoring it,  FAP got an aditional F-104G in Germany [exGAF 22+62], already restored for static display, for replacing this one as gate guard. Both currently (April2015) in Beja.

BA11 Command building - 15248 Alphajet is not there, was removed sometime in late 2013, another one is at it's place, restored in wrap around c/s is FAP no.15201, inaugurated on the 28th February 2014. 15248 said to be stored in base museum.

IGFA/LIA Compound - apparently nothing changed, however the photo I saw only alowed the confirmation of Alouette III 9391, one T-37C, FIAT 5433, and FIAT 32+38.

"Factory" (outside hangar) - T-33's 1911; 1909; 1924; 1927; 1914; 1907; 1929;

"Factory" (inside hangar) - 10x C-212 - only identifiable (from photos) the 16520 with Esq.711 badge and the 20.000HV mks.; SA-330's 19506, 19508, 19511, plus the tail of 19505 (most likely a spare); T-38's 2602, 2612.
Plus this (impounded a/c??): CS-ALZ Piper PA32-260 cherokee Six; G-BLNJ Britten NormanBN-2B-26 ;

Static display included: 1930 T-33; 2606 T-38; 9218 Alouette II; 1335 DHC1; 19372 Alouette III; 15244 Alphajet; 14811 P-3C;
Flying: Alouette III's 19376, 19368; P-3C 14810; TB-30 11415;
Esquadra 103 Alphajet flightline: 15226; 15250; 15206; 15202; 15208;

EVORA (airfield), 4 October 2014

Confirmed the existence of Convair 440 reg. 3C-JJO (c/n401, exIberia EC-AMR 1957-1972; ex Ejército del Aire T.14-1/911-21; exXA-LUS; exSotip).

MONTIJO(BA6), 30 January 2015

Gate Guard - FIAT 5463

Noted engineless (open storage) C-130H-30 no.16802 (awainting major overhaul);

Former FIAT/PUMA hangar, by the old flightline contained,
EH-101 19611 in maintenance (currently the EH-101 hangar is being shared with the Portuguese Navy Esquadrilha de Helicópteros de Marinha, operating the Lynx Mk.95, due to their hangar being rebuilt);
FIAT G.91 5404 being restored;
C-212's - 16504, 16521, 16512, 16509, 16517, 16505, 16510 (no tail);
C-212-300MP - 17201, 17202;

All "extra" data via Pedro "Pugachev" Oliveira, plus International F-104 Society, and Rui Joaquim.

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