terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2016


Some planespotting notes...

Lockheed T-33AN no.1952 (c/n T33-278; RCAF 21228) 
@ Chaves airfield (noted 26.08.2016)

FIAT G.91R/3 FAP no.5470 (s/n 91-339, exWGAF 30+77).
@ Vila Real airfield (noted 24.08.2016)

FIAT G.91R/3 (c/n 91-342; exWGAF 30+80)
@  Horta do Numão, V.N. de Foz Côa (noted 24.08.2016)

Lockheed T-33A, FAP no.1922 (USAF s/n 56-1624, c/n 9974)
@ Bragança airfield (26.08/2016) 

Noteworthy at  Bragança airfield, at the base of the T-33, a plaque in memory of the first landing ever to take place in Bragança, on the 29th August 1925, a Vickers Valparaíso II, of  the Arma de Aeronáutica do Exército (Army Air Corps). The aeroplane was piloted 
by Lt. Sérgio da Silva and Capt. Carlos da Cunha Almeida as an Observer.

Continued presence at  BA5 Monte Real (noted 1.9.2016)

Gate guards: A-7P 15524; F-16A ‘15150’
“Base Collection” – A-7P 15521, T-38A 2609, F-86 5347, G.91R/3 5454 

Vila Nova da Rainha

Displayed at Vila Nova da Rainha, in a roundabout between the local primary school and the N3 road, is the Alphajet A nº15231 (exWGAF 40+96; c/n 0096; exBA11).
Following several events commemorating the 100th anniversary of Portuguese Military Aviation, this Alphajet integrates a monument inaugurated on the 17th July, 2016.
Must visit also, at the local train station, thus where was located the former army barracks (Escola Aeronáutica Militar) -- at least one of the buildings still exists -- a set of panels illustrating some of the first steps of military aviation in Portugal. (noted 4.9.2016)

Thanks to: Rui Joaquim.

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