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At the Centro Social do Alfeite still lingers on the FIAT G.91R/3 nº 5469 (exWGAF30+50; c/n 91-307).  Noted on the 11Feb2018, plus again in 10Jul2018 (confirmed c/n on plate!);

Alverca (Gago Coutinho high school)
The Cessna T-37C, numbered 02412 (s/n 62-5936, c/n 40736), wearing the Asas de Portugal c/s, is visible and accessible outside, just to the right of the school entrance. l/n 10Feb2018

Alverca (DGMFA)
Noted during open base day/commemoration of the 100th anniversary, last 22nd September 2018.
All the Museu do Ar branch of Alverca was also open and all the a/c were noted in their usual places, except for DHC1 1376 and DH.82 “144”, which were inside the DGMFA compound in one of the exhibitions, which outside was lead by 19513 SA-330 fuselage.
Gate guard at DGMFA T-37C FAP 2411.
One of the open storage compounds had 9 Alphajets nos. 15223, 15232, 15242, 15243, 15245, plus 4 and another one (should be 15212); these are being stored with the two FTB’s previously stored near hangar 15 nos. 13704 (c/n 0005), 13706 (c/n 0007).
Other compound, near hangar 15, continues to store the 8 Cessna T-37C nos. 2402, 2403, 2404, 2406, 2421, 2425, 2426, 2428, plus the CS-DDC Piper PA38  of Aero Clube Alverca do Ribatejo.
Inside the Museu do Ar open storage compound, nothing new: DC-6 6706; SC-54 6606; G.91’s 1804, 5472, 5473; Ju52 6301; Noratlas 6412, 6417, 6420; C-45 2415; Piper Cub 3201.
Near the airfield control tower were noted 7 Emb-145, not all in PGA-Portugália Airlines livery (3 white o/a), identified: CS-TPG/Melro, CS-TPH/Pardal, CS-TPL/Pisco (white o/a), CS-TPM/Rola, CS-TPN/Brigão.
A single C-295M of Esquadra 502 was noted doing air baptisms (no.16710).

Alverca (city)
New adition to the w&r map, is the T-38A nº 2612 (s/n 61-0903; c/n N5269) that was placed on a plinth just by the entrance of the A1 whilst coming from the city. f/n being assembled on site in early June 2019.
https://www.spottingmode.com/wro/location/22942/   l/n 06.2019

Barrô (Águeda)
6Jan2018 – continued presence of FIAT G.91R/4 5403. l/n 11.07.2018

Beja (civil airfield)
The fuselage and wings of AT-401 Thrush Commander reg. CS-AQE still present by 13Jan2018.

Beja (BA11)
13Jan2018 – Gate Guards T-33AN 1951, T-38A 2610, F-104G 22+62; by Command building noted Alphajet A 15201;
During the last flight ceremony of the Esquadra 103 Alphajet A’s, noted flying were 15211 (Snail c/s), 15236 (50.000 flight hours c/s), 15226, 15206, 15208, 15250 (last three in Asas de Portugal c/s). 15250 was the last of the formation to land around 13H04M.
Also noted Esquadra 601 P-3C 14807 and Esquadra 502 C-2395M 16701.
Noted stored/cannibalized: 15241 and 15220.
Noted elsewhere, T-38A 2602 plus two T-33, one of which was 1907.

25May2019 – Open Base Day included - Gate Guards T-33AN 1951, T-38 2610, F-104G ‘22+62’ and Alphajet 15201 by Command building;
Static display included: T-33A 1930; T-38A 2606; Alphajet A 15244; 29702 AW119; 14809 P-3C;
In Esquadra 552 hangar: 19376 SE.3160;
Flyby´s and displays: 19302 SE.3160; 29701 AW119; 16703 C-295M; 14808 P-3C; 15107 and 15136 F-16AM; 1306 and 1339 DHC1; 11411 TB.30;
Also noted Airtractor AT-802F’s EC-LGN and EC-MML of Avialsa/Protecção Civil (based Proença a Nova).

Braga (airfield)
8Jun2019 – noted during local airshow, apart from the resident T-37C 2410, were Yakovlev Yak-52 reg. SP-YCP (c/n 833609);  Yakovlev Yak-52  reg. SP-YAH (c/n 9011001), based at Ponte de Sor, plus several other light and ultralight aircraft types.
Noteworthy the presence of a exArmée de l'Air Mignet HM.1000 Balerit (s/n 82), registered CS-USW, unknowned base location, the owner lives at Torre de Dona Chama.

Évora (airfield)
13Jan2018 – still present stored here is Convair440 reg.3C-JJO

DRC Government reg.9Q-CMC Boeing B727-30 c/n 18371/145 - stored, ex Congo – l/n 05.07.2018

Leiria (city)
The Beechcraft C-45 ex FAP 2508 was noted here on the 27Jan2018 and on 10Jul2018;

Lisboa (Lumiar)
At the renamed Hospital das Forças Armadas, the Gate Guard continues to be Cessna T-37C FAP nº2429 (s/n 62-12500; c/n 40783). l/n 10Feb2018

Lisboa (Luz)
The Colégio Militar still maintains the FIAT G.91R/3 which was in recent years identified as c/n 91-547, noted here on the 10Feb2018.

Lisboa (airport – military area)
Present as Gate Guard by29Jan2018 was the T-38A no.2603.

Maceda (AM1)
During the Open Base Day, on the 15th July 2018, were noted the following,
Gate Guard – A-7P nº15504
SAR Alert – Esquadra 552 SE.3160 nº 19302 [performed SAR demo on the afternoon]
Museu do Ar a/c – Piper Cub nº 3208, MH Broussard nº3301, Chipmunk nº1305, Auster D.5 nº 3548, T-6G nº1769 (being rebuilt), FTB-337G nº 13710, T-37C nº2427, G.91R/3 nº5452, T-38A nº2608, C-212 nº16503, TA-7P nº15545, Alphajet nº15246
Other aircraft that flew and participated in the static display were,
Academia da Força Aérea “Águias” flt/DHC1 Chipmunk’s nºs. 1306, 1316, 1319, 1335
Esquadra 101/TB.30 Epsilon nº11417
Esquadra 201/301 / F-16AM nº15115
Esquadra 502/C-295M nº16704
Aditionaly noted – Cessna 172R reg. CS-DGM of Nortávia

Montijo (BA6)
Noted on the 30th March 2019 were noted the usual Gate Guard ‘5463’, CTSFA’s GIA 5447, and G.91R/4 ‘5404’ restaured as ‘5430’, and the tail of 5453 (monument).
By former FIAT flight line were noted Lynx Mk.95 19201 of Portuguese Navy EHM in “Red Bull Flight” mks., EH-101 19603, C-295M 16701, and C-212 16505.
In the hangar were noted C-212’s 16504, 16505, 16509, 16512 (shark mouth), 196513 and 16517 (Esq.401 Cientistas tail ). Inside the hangar was also noted EH-101 19612 (dismantled/stored).
Noted flying 19607 (SAR mission), plus a C-295M and a C-130.

On the 25th March 2018 were noted the following,
Gate Guard 5201 F-84G
NMA CFMTFA – 16510 C-212; 3707 FT-337G; 2611 T-38A; 9379 SE.3160; 15249 Alphajet A; 15506 A-7P; G.91R/3 c/n 91-1-0057/30+04; G.914R/3 c/n 91-555;  ‘5457’ G.91R/3 (exAFA, Sintra) – confirmed to be c/n 91-341; 2515 C-45;
N OPSAS CFMTFA – 15240 Alphajet A; 5420 G.91R/3; 15512 A-7P; plus
14804 P-3P GIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9kSAsZ-Wkw
Flyby of two F-16’s (QRA Alert a/c) 15101 and 15114.

Ponte de Sor (airfield)
Based here, noted on the 10Feb2018,  Antonov An-2 reg.SP-AIN (c/n 1G210-27),  Yakovlev Yak-52 reg. SP-YEL (c/n 9111509);  Yakovlev Yak-52 reg. SP-YCP (c/n 833609);  Yakovlev Yak-52 reg. SP-YAH (c/n 9011001).
 In May 2018 were joined in by, Antonov An-2TP reg. LY-ABK (c/n 1G238-11), and Antonov An-2 reg. SP-OOH.
Not noted by February, but was said to be in one of the hangars, Yakovlev Yak-52 reg. EC-IKC (c/n 866511)

Portalegre (city)
10June2019 - during the commemorations of the Day of Portugal, the following aircraft were noted during the parade (flyby): C-295M; C-130H; P-3C: 4xF-16’s.
Presidential flight was a EH-101.
Static display included: -15209 Alphajet A and SE.3160 9379

Portimão (city)
Fiat G.91R/3 (no FAP number applied, but said to be c/n 91-553 ,exWGAF 32+83). l/n 2018.07.08

Portimão (airfield)
I was not able to access the hangar were the Aero Algarve/Ken Tomsett aircraft, and Skydyve Algarve/ Wingglider  had no Do28’s on the airfield, on my passage here on the 2018.07.08, but previously noted were:
Aero Algarve, of Mr. Kenneth Tomsett, who owns a small collection of historic aircraft.
Yakovlev Yak-50 reg. SP-YEH (c/n 1374)
Chipmunk T.10 reg. G-BPAL (c/n DHB.f.299,  exRAF WG350)
Chipmunk DHC1 Mk.20 reg. G-CHPI (c/n OGMA14, exFAP 1324)
Skydive Algarve/Wingglider
Dornier Do28D-2 reg. D-IEDO (c/n 4134, ex 58+59 )
Dornier Do28D-2 reg. HA-HIB (c/n 4328, exKenya AF no116)
Dornier Do28D-2 reg. HA-ACY

S. Jacinto (army barracks)
The FTB-337G 13715, on loan from the Museu do Ar collection,  was noted on the 30Jan2018. Also noted inside one of the main hangars, near to the tower, the wings of Harvard II A FAP no.1524 (c/n 88-12188, BuAer. 27193) [propelor on the base museum], plus a port wing of a FIAT (not from the one previously displayed in the village), and a wing of a Chipmunk (possibly no.1328).

Santa Bárbara de Nexe
Fully restaured in full tiger livery is the FIAT G.91R/3 FAP no.5442 (c/n91-1-0077; exWGAF 30+21).
Older post on this a/c: http://bu153188.blogspot.com/2014/07/aerotranstornados-n33-notes-on-fiat.html
l/n 2018.07.08

Santa Cruz (airfield)
Displayed on the groundings of this civil airfield is the ex FAP Alphajet A no.15222, still in fading WGAF lizard c/s – l/n27Jan2018.

The local branch of the Associação de Especialistas da Força Aérea (AEFA), maintains the FIAT G.91R/3 no.5455 (c/n 91-440, exWGAF 31+72) , preserved in a small monument. l/n 11Feb2018

SETÚBAL (Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional)
Confirmed visually the existence in the training centre of the Reims-Cessna FTB-337G nº 13711 (c/n 0012, ex DGMFA), used as GIA in the aeronautical section of this professional school. The aircraft is in several stages of restoration for the Air Force. l/n 9Feb2018
Tancos (military complex)
The FIAT G.91R/3 (c/n 91-345, exWGAF 30+82), was by 10Feb2018 n/n, confirmed to have been scrapped.
Gate Guard at former BA3 (Air Base no.3) is CASA C-212A no.16507 (s/n028; c/nA2-3-28).
On the other side of the road, the former Base Escola de Tropas Paraquedistas, has on display FIAT G.91R/4 FAP nº5432 (c/n 91-4-0145, exWGAF BD+377), noted on the same day.

2018.07.04 - confirmed at a local photography shop (with over 120 years of existence), Casa de Fotografia Andrade, the existence of photos of the following crashes,
. unk. aircraft crashed in local salt works during Spanish Civil War (sometime in 1939);
. unk. aircraft crashed in Moncarapacho (WWII);
. Vickers Wellington Mk.Ic (HD967), of RAF 10ADU emergency landing at Santa Luzia beach (Tavira), later integrated in the Arma de Aeronáutica;
Sadly, the owner showed me the pictures but didn’t sold me any copies…

Vila Nova da Raínha
Displayed at Vila Nova da Rainha, the Alphajet A nº15231 (exWGAF 40+96; c/n 0096; exBA11) was noted present by 10Feb2018

Vila Real (airfield)
6Jan2018 – continued presence of FIAT G.91R/3 5470.

Viseu (airfield)
6Jan2018 – continued presence of FIAT G.91R/4 5408 – restaured during May2019.

Thanks to: Miguel Santos; Tiago Leitão; Paulo “Oneshotland” Fernandes; André Carvalho; Manuel Pacheco Silva; Erwin Husmann / Spottingmode; TGen Mimoso e Carvalho; Pedro “Pugachev” Oliveira;

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