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Barrô, Águeda
Continued presence of FIAT G.91R/4 5403, noted on the 1th July 2019.

Beja (BA11)
Noted from September 2019, as another adition to the gate guard collection, Alphajet A FAP nº15229 (c/n 0091; wxWGAF 40+91).

Bragança (castle)
The tower of the castle of Bragança, houses a small military museum that includes a single aviation relic, the tail fin and most part of the propeller of an Aeronáutica Militar aircraft. The photo and the notes near by it, refer to a crash landed Potez 25A2, AM no.9, that occurred somewere near the city on the 21st July 1932.  
However I was called to reason by friend of mine that this is actually part of a Avro 504, the vertical tail plane and a broken propeller. Why the two are together it’s a mistery to me ... any thoughts?

Bragança (airfield)
Confirmed presence of Lockheed T-33A FAP no.1922 (USAF s/n 56-1624, c/n 9974).

Chaves (airfield)
The Aero Club de Chaves maintains at it’s car park entrance the Lockheed T-33AN no.1952 (c/n T33-278; RCAF 21228) noted on 14 November 2019.

At the local Museu da Guerra Colonial, noted the presence of SE.3160 Alouette III FAP no.19314 (s/n 1621), on loan from the Museu do Ar. l/n 14Sept2019

Horta de Numão
Still current the FIAT G.91R/3 30+80, noted on the 1th July 2019.

Maceda (AM1)
Noted during a visit on the 31stJanuary2019
Gate Guard – A-7P nº15504
Esquadra 501 C-130’s 16805 + 16806-
SAR Alert – Esquadra 552 SE.3160 nº 19376 + 19401
Museu do Ar a/c – Piper Cub nº 3208, MH Broussard nº3301, Chipmunk nº1305, Auster D.5 nº 3548, T-6G nº1769 (being rebuilt), FTB-337G nº 13710, T-37C nº2427, G.91R/3 nº5452, T-38A nº2608, C-212 nº16503, TA-7P nº15545, Alphajet nº15246 Alouette II A13.

Displayed in a garden next to the local building of INATEL, since 21.9.1999, is Cessna T-37C FAP no.2422 (c/n 40747; s/n 62-5947) in Asas de Portugal c/s, l/n 13 November 2019.

Monte Real (BA5)
29June2019 – Força Aérea Portuguesa’s 67th anniversary air show included,
Gate Guards: ‘15150’ F-16A, 15524 A-7P, 5301 F-86F (old gate)
Static display (base collection): 5347 F-86F, 5454 G.91R/3, 1918 T-33A, 2609 T-38A, 15521 A-7P,
Static display: 15104 F-16AM, 19608 EH-101, 1316 DHC1, 14113 TB.30, 19401 SE.3160, 29701 AW119Kx, 16706 C-295M, 16801 C-130H-30
Maintenance hangars contained: 15102, 15105, 15106, 15115, 15119, 15131, 15132, 15133, and 15142. 
Note that with F-16AM 15105, on main hangar, was the trophies Silver Tiger and Tiger Spirit, won by Esquadra 301 Jaguares on display!
Air display sequence:
. QRA F-16A’s 15107, 15112 (simulating  a sortie in pursuit of a inidentified a/c);
. C-295M 16703 landed to transport the Army’s Falcões Negros parachute team:
. the two QRA F-16’s arrived escorting the unidentified a/c [C-295M (16707) with the FAP Chief of Staff and party] ;
. Falcões Negros demo (carrying the national Flag and FAP Flag);
. flyby of Falcon 50 17402 escorted by the 2 QRA F-16’s
. Yakstars display (a/c SP-YAH/Fernando Marinho, SP-YAL/Jorge Fachadas)
. C-295M demo
. Marche Vert demo, CAP 232 a/c CN-ABT/1, CN-ABR/2, CN-ABW/3, CN-ABV/4, CN-ABQ/5, CN-ABU/6, CN-ABP/7, [reserve a/c CN-ABX/9 , support a/c CN-235 CN-AMB]
. helicopter flyby with AW119Kx 29702, SE.3160 19376, EH-101 19608
. EH-101 demo (19608)
. Ejercito del Aire - Team ASPA display : HE.25-3/78-22, HE.25-7/78-26, HE.25-4/78-23, HE.25-11/782-11, HE.25-6/78-25 [reserve a/c HE.25-1/78-20]
. C-130H demo (a/c 16805)
. TB.30 demo (a/c 14103, 14111, 14114, 14118)
. F-16 flyby/demo (a/c 15101, 15108, 15110, 15118)

Aditional movements: a couple of F-16’s flew in the morning a training mission, a/c 15101 and 15108. Also the 3 Yak-52 from Yakstars Aerobatic Team performed a practice run before the airshow  (a/c’s SP-YEL/Cerveira Pinto, SP-YEL/Jorge Fachadas, SP-YAH/Fernando Marinho).
Aditionaly: ‘15100’ F-16A n/n (temporary exhibition in Viseu); fuselage and wings of 5320 F-86 noted in hangar near Gate.

Palhais, Trancoso
Still present here is the FIAT G.91R/3 5474 on the 1th July 2019.

Vila  Real (airfield)
Current noted on the 1th July 2019, FIAT G.91R/3 5470, and again on the 13th November.

Viseu (airfield)
The FIAT G.91R/4 5408 was restored to a new life, a FAP/Museu do Ar team restored it in June. Noted 1 July 2019.

Viseu (city)
Força Aérea Portuguesa commemorated it’s 67th anniversary in the city of Viseu, thus many events were held here all during the week before the 1st of July. The official ceremony parade and air display took place on the actual day, and included passages of several aircraft formations, first a four ship formation (F-16’s – 15107/QRA, 15112/QRA, 15141 lead a/c, 15101), after a three ship formation lead by a C-130H with a C-295M and a C-295MPA as wing planes , after another time the 4 F-16’s in a diamond formation, ending with a seven ship formation with the C-130H (leader) + 2 C-295’s + 4 F-16’s.   
The exhibition of FAP activities took place at the local Multiusos pavilion from 27th ? June, and included the following a/c: ‘15100’ F-16A (dep. BA5 on the 21th June), 15247 Alphajet A, SE.3160 19377 plus  Blanik 12101.
Museu do Ar SE.3130 Alouette II (A13, exBAF), was displayed in the locar Ice Palace shopping center.


Touring through the central part of Galicia (Spain), on the 7th September 2019, picked up a few a/c, some operational and some wrecks&relics,
Vigo (airport) - Local resident w&r Cessna Ce421B EC-CDD (s/n 421B-0348) in one of the roundabouts.
Noted on tarmac: EC-JET Sikorsky S-76C of Guarda Costas “Pesca 2” (s/n 76-0578); EC-IGM Eurocopter AS365N3 of Aduanas/Agencia Tributaria, plus Bombardier CRJ-1000 reg.9H-MOX of Binter Canarias.
Santiago de Compostela (airport)
Local w&r at the entrance of the military section of the airport is SA-330J Puma HD.19-08 (c/n1307).
Noted on the military taxiway: Eurocopter EC-135T2 HU.26-07/ET-195 UME (s/n 0557); and Grupo 43 Canadair CL-215T’s UD.13-25/43-25/1119 and UD.13-30/43-30/1125, this last departed shortly after (noted North from Santiago, flying over the highway in the direction of a Coruña airport).
Noted also: Aer Lingus A320-200 EI-DEN.

Later on, on the 15th November, in Salvaterra do Miño – still present at SEGANOSA[http://www.seganosa.com/], the MiG-17 that has been noted here since 1998. The aircraft is painted in the livery of the Soviet AF, wearing the nº31. According to EMOOS the aircraft is exBulgarian AF nº31 (c/n 1194, Bulgarian "triangle number" 21-7207). Aircraft visible from the outside but if asked one can go inside and take better pictures.
Post on Pássaro de Ferro.

Thanks to: André Carvalho; Fábio Acuña; Pedro “Pugachev”; SEGANOSA; Manuel Pacheco; Andy Marden;

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