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Aerotranstornados nº27 - FIAT G.91R3 WGAF 32+89

FIAT G.91R3 exWGAF 32+89

The former scrap dealer António Silva Rego S.A., at Guardeiras, Maia, handled several dozen aircraft during the 60’s through the 80’s, including many of the Republic F-84’s withdrawn from service (FAP operated the type until 1974).
During the 80’s, there were some reports of sightings of a single aircraft, visible from the outside, referred as being a FIAT G.91. The aircraft was removed from sight, to the inside of one of the  buildings.
The scrap dealer processed the last aircraft scrap during the 90’s and closed down for business in 2009.

A few years years ago, there was a report about this aircraft, stating it was still there, inside one of the buildings of the compound. In March 15th 2014, in order to provide information for the 2014 edition of the European Military Out Of Service 2014, the owners allowed a visit to the site and the aircraft was confirmed as being the exWGAF FIAT G.91R/3 no. 32+89 (c/n 560).

During the visit, a detail inside the cockpit was drawn to our attention, the Radio Call of a different aircraft, no.“32+77”. This one was cannibalized and later used as decoy at BA1 Sintra (1982-1990). It is quite possible that during the cannibalization process (possibly all in the same location, Alverca? , BA6 Montijo?), the interior framing of the cockpit instrumentation was swapped.

The aircraft was in this location at least up until 2019.

According to several sources, the information gathered on this particular aircraft  is as follows,

c/n 560
exWGAF 32+89

1965 - built at Dornier at Oberpfaffenhofen factory under licence upon an order by German government in 1960 (for 232, later upraised to 294 aircraft);
1965 - KD+550 Dornier test-registration;
1964 – register EC+321 reserved for Luftwaffe unit AkG53 at Leipheim, however not delivered prior to 01.06.65, when this wing had been renamed LeKG44 (thus receiving serial code MD+...), ntu
28.09.1965 - taken on charge as MD+321 by LeKG44 at Leipheim;
05.1966 - transferred to LeKG42 at Pferdsfeld as MB+101, was "personal" aircraft of squadron leader of 1st Sqdn;
13.11.1967 - serial changed to 32+89, same unit;
1975 - replaced by F-4 Phantom and went to LeKG43 at Oldenburg;
01.1981 struck off charge and went to LVR6 for storage at Oldenburg;
08.1981 – noted at Oldenburg [
MAP photo A08879]
1981 - to Portugal as gift (following former state aid givings) without overhaul for spares usage only;
1981(?) – cannibalized for spares;
1981(?) – scrapped – to António Silva Rego S.A.(scrap dealer) – l/n 2019;
09.2021 - to private owner, moved to Padrão de Moreira - confirmed 2022, l/n Jan2024;


Acknowledgements: many and sincere thanks to Sr. António Rego; Brian Pickering (MAP); Hans-Dietrich Lichtenhoff; Ian Carroll; Pedro “Pugachev” Oliveira; Peter M Gerhardt; Sérgio Couto;

Rui Ferreira

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