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AEROTRANSTORNADOS NR.67 - Planespotting notes

16 MARCH 2024 - XVIII Encontro Nacional da Associação de Especialistas da Força Aérea @ BA5 Monte Real

Gate Guards - 5301 F-86F , 15524 A-7P,  '15150' F-16AM;
Static Display - 2609 T-38A, 5361 F-86F, 15521 A-7P, 5454 G.91R3, 5347 F-86F, 
Hangars - F-16's 15113, 15142
Flyby by the QRA Alert a/c - 15106 and 15110 

Vila Real - noted 12.05.2024 - FIAT G.91R/3 no. '5470' exWGAF 30+77 c/n 91-339 has moved from the inside of the airfield to the outside, in a new plinth and hopefully, one of these days, with a proper restauration ...

Porto - visit to the Museu do Automóvel Antigo e Clássico do Porto, a private collection of cars, includes a loaned Northrop T-38A Talon FAP no.2607. Noted 30/05/2024.

Beja, Base Aérea nº11 - 1 and 2 June 2024 (incl. exercices Real Thaw / Hot Blade)

Hot Blade / Real Thaw Participants

AS352UL Swiss AF T-336, T-337, T-342 
AB-212 Austrian AF 5D-HI, 5D-HH, 5D-HQ
9142 C-130H Romanian Air Force Esc.901 (support a/c) 
2705 C-27J Romanian AF Esc.902
B-537 C-130J-30 Danish AF Esk721
T-752 Challenger 604 Swiss AF (support a/c)
L-159 Czech AF 212 vlt -  6038(T-2), 6048(A), 6063(A), 6066(A)  
Mirage 2000D French AF EC02.003 "Champagne"- 611/3-JF, 636/3-JV, 655/3-LH, 680/3-XM, 686/3-JH
202/36-CB E-3F French AF EDCA01.036 ("90 Ans" c/s)
F-16AM Romanian AF Esc.53 Warhawks - 1609 (exFAP 15130), 1616 (exFAP 15135), 1617 , 
26901 KC-390 FAP Esq.506
29701, 29706 AW-119 Koala Esq.552
19611 EH-101 Esq.751

Airshow Participants

16805 C-130H Esquadra 501 (aerial baptisms)
26901 KC-390 Esquadra 506 (Army paratroopers "Falcões Negros")
17401 Falcon 50 Esquadra 504
16708 C-295M Esquadra 502 

COMAO  included (only on the 2nd June)
B-537 C-130J-30 Danish AF
2705 C-27J Romanian AF
636/3-JV + 611/3JP Mirage 2000D French AF
1616 + 1617 F-16AM Romanian AF
6038 L159T2 + 6048 L-159A CzechAF

29701, 29705 Aw-119 Koala Esquadra 552
19611 EH-101 Esquadra 751
29801 UH-60A Esquadra 551
T-337 AS532 SwissAF
5D-HH + 5D-HI AB212 Austrian AF

TB-30 Epsilon's of Esquadra 101 nos. 11402 (100.000 fligh hours c/s), 11404, 11406
DHC-1 Chipmunk of Academia da Força Aérea nos.1316, 1339
RAF Falcons (paraquedismo) - support aircraft was C-FPSH Do228 operated for RAF by Summit Air;
PT-ZTU A-29 Super Tucano/EMBRAER
N26VE Zivko/Edge 540 Team Velarde 
CASA 101EB Patrulla Aguila a/c nos. E.25-??/1,  E.25-??/2,  E.25-??/3,  E.25-??/5,  E.25-72/794-72/6,  E.25-27/794-27/7 
Couteau Delta Mirage 2000D FrenchAF a/c 655/3-LH, 680/3-XM
Yakovlev Yak-52  Yakstars Team - EC-IAL/1, EC-HYN/2, EC-NGZ/3, EC-IAS/4, EC-NMB/5, EC-IAR/6
SAAB JAS39C Gripen a/c nº41 Hungary AF 101st AW
Marche Verte (Marrocos) 7 a/c
Northrop F-5 Patrouille Suisse - J-3080, J- 3081, J-3083, J-3084, J-3087, J-3088, J-3091  
F-16AM Esquadra 201/301 nos. 15109, 15112

Static display included: 
15244 Alphajet A
19401 SE.3160 Alouette III
2606 T-38A
1930 T-33A 38 years/65.000flight hours c/s
24817 P-3C (ex Marineflieger 60+08) Esquadra 601
29702 Aw-119 Koala Esquadra 552
EC-OFS Bell 429 Global Ranger - World Aviation Flight Academy
CS-HIX Guimbal Cabri G2 - Helisor Training
1609 F-16AM Romanian AF
6063 L-159A Czech Af
508 Mirage 2000-5BG Hellenic AF 331 Mira
552 Mirage 2000-5EG Hellenic AF 331 Mira
686/3-JH Mirage 2000 D French AF
MM7359/32-09 F-35A Italian AF 13 Gruppo
22-5685 F-35A USAF 493FS/LN
19-5493 F-35A USAF 493FS/LN
15110 F-16AM Esquadra 201/301
11407 TB-30 Epsilon Esquadra 101
1315 DHC1 Chipmunk Academia da Força Aérea
11413 TB-30 Epsilon Esquadra 101
14808 P-3C CUP Esquadra 601

Aircrafts noted inside building (where air force had variety of exhibitions)
9218 SE.3130 Alouette II
19376 SE.3160 Alouette III
17510 Antex (UAV)
17511 Alpha Extended (UAV)
Also noted the port wing of T-37C 2415 (from LIA compound) 

Gate Guards
22+62 F-104G
2610 T-38A
15229 Alphajet A
15201 Alphajet A (noted by Base Command building)

LIA (accident investigation compound) - noted while driving by
1774 T-6G
T-37C (noted but I could not identify while driving)
5433 G.91R/3
38+38 G.91R/3

Noted in Beja airport: 9H-FOX A340 in the process of being dismantled. F-GZCD A330 Air France livery.

Note - the airshow ended before the end, on Sunday the 2nd, an unfornunate accident occured with the Yakstars Team, with a mid-air collision that resulted in one death, the pilot of #4 a/c :  Manuel "Coco" Rey Cordero.
Aircraft lost EC-IAS, and EC-NGZ severely damaged. A preliminary report was released on the 5th June.

Acknowledgments: Dr. Miguel Santos, Fernando Sousa, Pedro Oliveira, Floriano Morgado, Jorge Ruivo, 

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