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Aerotranstornados No.18 - T-6 Lusitanos (book)

T-6 Lusitanos

Released last September 10th, the book "T-6 Lusitanos", edited by Núcleo de Modelismo de Espinho, being authors Filipe Araújo, José Ferreira, and Rui Domingues, aims to be a compilation of all the T-6 and Harvards used in the Portuguese armed services, namingly the Arma de Aeronáutica (Army), Aviação Naval (Navy) and Força Aérea Portuguesa (Air Force).
The book, written in both Portuguese and English, is composed of 124 pages (A4 format), includes a small historical resume, but its main content are the 30 colour schemes, by José Ferreira, over 160 photographs, and the full listing of the 257 aircraft.
This work hs contributions of many modellers and military aviation enthusiasts, in special some never published before photos.
Not aiming to be a final work on this subject, far from it, nevertheless is a brilliant composition, by modellers for modellers, but also of interest for all the Portuguese military aviation enthusiasts.

To acquire this book,you request can be made direclty to the authors to
The cost of the book is EUR 19,00, plus p&p.

The book can also be acquired in some Portuguese Modellers shops, such as, Marsigor (Maia), Big Cat (Maceda), Troféu (Espinho), Quitecnica (Lisboa), Casa Antunes (Lisboa).

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