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Aerotranstornados no.20 - Spotting Notes

MACEDA, Ovar, A.M.1, 29 January 2012
Gate Guard is the LTV A-7P Corsair II nº15504.

Pólo de Ovar do Museu do Ar
3548 Auster D.5/160
16503 CASA C-212 exEsq502 (NAVTR a/c)
2427 Cessna T-37C exEsq102 / Asas de Portugal c/s
1309 DHC1 Chipmunk exACTV/CS-AZR (arr.September - to be rebuilt/displayed)
15246 Dornier Alphajet A exEsq103/301
5452 FIAT G.91R/3 exEsq301 / Tiger c/s
15545 LTV TA-7P Corsair II exEsq304 [under restoration]
2608 Northrop T-38A Talon exEsq103
3208 Piper Cub exACP/CS-ALN
13710 Reims FTB-337G exEsq505
5176 Republic F-84 (arr.23Jan2012) [under restoration]
5187 Republic F-84 (arr. 6Fev2012) [under restoration]

19314 SE.3160 Alouette III [under restoration for static display]

This Museu do Ar branch is accessible either asking permission to the Museu HQ at Sintra or, by asking to access at the gate, from 10H to 16H (except if any operation/detachment is going on at the moment).

On SAR Alert duties was SE.3160 Alouette III no. 19349 from Esquadra 552 “Zangões”.

BA5 Monte Real

On the 2nd February 2012, during the Spotters Day of the exercise REAL THAW 2012 were noted, involved in the air operations,

F-16AM/BM Esq201/301 nos. 15102, 15103, 15108, 15114, 15115, 15117, 15122, 15123, 15124, 15125, 15134, plus 15106 (noted but didn’t flew)
C-130H30 Esq501 – 16802
C-295M Esq502 – 16702
EH-101 Esq751 - 19604
Ejercito del Aire Eurofighter’s from Ala.11 C.16-36/11-16, C.16-38/11-18, C.16-48/11-28, CE.16-06/11-75
Cobham Falcon20DC reg.G-FRAH carrying NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff pods
NATO E-3A LX-N-90450

Also noted the Esq601 P-3C nº14811.

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Gate Guards were,
5301 NA F-86F Sabre exEsq201
15524 LTV TA-7P Corsair II exEsq304
‘15150’ LM F-16A (83-1090)

Near the Gate were present,
1918 Lockheed T-33A
2609 Northrop T-38A
5347 NA F-86F Sabre
5454 FIAT G.91R3
15521 LTV A-7P Corsair II

Thanks to: Floriano Morgado, Francisco Piqueiro.

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