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Aerotranstornados nº24 - Spotting Notes + The Fighter 2012

Aerotranstornados nº24 - Spotting Notes

2013, 28th March

Noted on BA4 (arr.26th all departed on the 29th)

Callsign     Aircraft     Unit                              Tail/Code           
TREND41  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    78-597/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND42  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    82-657/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND43  A-10C     USAF 75FS                    80-194/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND44  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    81-964/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND51  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    80-272/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND52  A-10C     USAF 81FS(*)              81-962/SP           Coronet East 051
TREND53  A-10C     USAF 81FS(*)              81-983/SP           Coronet East 051
TREND54  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    80-252/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND55  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    81-990/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND56  A-10C     USAF 74FS                    79-192/FT           Coronet East 051
TREND61  A-10C     USAF 81FS(*)              81-981/SP "81FS"            Coronet East 052
TREND62  A-10C     USAF 81FS(*)              82-650/SP           Coronet East 052
TREND63  A-10C     USAF 81FS(*)              82-646/SP           Coronet East 052
TREND64  A-10C     USAF 81FS(*)              81-980/SP           Coronet East 052
TREND65/64 A-10C  USAF 81FS(*)           81-960/SP           Coronet East 052
TREND66  A-10C     USAF 76FS                    82-660/FT "76FS"             Coronet East 052
GOLD04/GOLD11  KC-10A  USAF 305AMW  60035
GOLD11/GOLD04  KC-10A  USAF 305AMW  60032
GOLD94                   KC-10A  USAF 305AMW   30081
RCH293                    C-17A    USAF 105AS NY ANG   10088
(*) USAF 81FS on loan to 74FS

[photo1]  [photo2] [photo3

2nd April

Confirmed presence, stored inside the ACIT (Aero Clube da Ilha Terceira) hangar, of the FIAT G.91R/4 ‘5414’ (FAP no.5415; c/n 91-4-0147; exWGAF BD+379 and BR-379), loaned to Museu de Angra do Heroísmo. 
Also visited the site of the Venezuelan AF C-130H FAV-7772 accident, in 1976. Confirmed the presence of the monument and the single propeller blade.

Also noted the movements of a Falcon 50 FAP Esq504, and the specially painted C-130H nº 16806 FAP Esq501 on the usual “Ocean32” flight.

6th April
Noted outside the mock-up of the Space Shuttle, used for firefighting/rescue training. And, arrived on this day, all the aircraft listed noted on the 7th April.

7th April
While I was returning home, noted… (arrived on the 6th)
[photo1] [photo2] [photo3] [photo4]

Callsign     Aircraft     Unit                              Tail/Code
MAZDA11  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 78-706/DM "354FS CC" Coronet East 053
MAZDA12  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 82-662/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA13  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 80-147/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA14  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 81-947/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA15  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 79-196/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA21  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 78-650/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA22  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 80-212/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA23  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 78-670/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA24  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 80-210/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA25  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 79-198/DM         Coronet East 053
MAZDA31  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 79-167/DM         Coronet East 054
MAZDA32  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 80-187/DM         Coronet East 054
MAZDA33  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 81-997/DM         Coronet East 054
MAZDA34  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 80-203/DM         Coronet East 054
MAZDA35  A-10C   USAF 354FS                 82-648/DM         Coronet East 054
CNV3725  C-130T   USNAVY                        Bu165350/RU350             (arr.on the 4th)
CNV4585  C-40AW USNAVY                       Bu165831           

In this image, the A-10C on the top right corner of the taxiway, in the 81FS/SP colours,  stayed behind from the previous movement on the 29th, possibly due to any sort of mechanical problem.
The images show also 2x KC-10A’s and a C-17A, that I was not able to identify.

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The Fighter 2012
“The Fighter” was created by me as a annual report of my own plane spotting notes some years ago but also with the help of many who, share the same passion for the aviation history and the stories behind each and every tail, aircraft tails of course. The first editions were written in computer and then printed, after which they were photocopied and distributed by my friends, in special to the ones that helped me out. Latter on I was involved in the making of the first editions of “Zoomlook”, the APEA – Associação Portuguesa de Entusiastas de Aviação (Portuguese Aviation Enthusiasts Association), and subsequently I stopped compiling “The Fighter”.
This is the first edition in this form, and I intend to have as much editions each year as the ones that I can fill with my own notes, and others, eventually.
As it turns out, I have this year one of the shortest spotting notes record ever! Sign of the on-going economic crises perhaps…
Rui “A-7” Ferreira

Beja, Base Aérea nº11

3 May 2012
Displayed aircraft - 20+99 F-104G (n/n removed for restoration); 1951 T-33AN Gate Guard; 2610 T-38A Gate Guard; 15248 Alphajet tiger c/s (by Command Building).
Esquadra 103 “Caracóis”/Alphajet A - 15202 (mnt); 15206; 15208; 15211 (snail c/s); 15220(mnt); 15224 (wfu); 15225 (wfu); 15226; 15227; 15232(wfu); 15250 (mnt);
Esquadra 552 “Zangões”/SE.3160 Alouette III – 19298; 19302; 19312; 19349; 19356; 19368 (at Ovar/SAR detachment); 19376; 19377; 19401 ... and 19383 (wfu/Spare parts source).
Esquadra 601 “Lobos”/P-3C – 14807 (mnt); 14810(mnt); and 14811. Plus noted the 14803 and 14805 (both wfu).
Base Museum – only confirmed the presence of SE.3160 19372  and Alphajet 15247.
Factory – outside noted the presence of ten T-33A and two T-38A (most likely 2602 and 2612);
ex Esq101 hangar contained the SA-330 Pumas nos. 19502, 19503, 19504.
Noted also the presence of Falcon 50 nº17401 on instructional mission (Touch&Go’s + ILS aproaches).

Lajes, Base Aérea nr.4
16 March 2012
CTM1275 F-RARF Airbus A330-200

Lisboa – Museu de Marinha

24 November 2012
During a quick trip to Lisbon, I had a chance of looking up the Museu deMarinha aircraft, all in mint condition and in the same location (building of the Museum shop and café/restaurant).
2          Schreck F.B.A.
‘128’     Grumman G.44

Maceda, Ovar – Aeródromo de Manobra nº1

Gate Guard – LTV A-7P Corsair II nº15504.

Pólo de Ovar do Museu do Ar
(all noted on the 29 January 2012...)
3548     Auster D.5/160
16503   CASA C-212        exEsq502 (NAVTR a/c)
2427     Cessna T-37C     exEsq102 / Asas de Portugal c/s
1309     DHC1 Chipmunk             exACTV/CS-AZR (arr.September - to be rebuilt/displayed)
15246   Dornier Alphajet A  exEsq103/301
5452     FIAT G.91R/3     exEsq301 / Tiger c/s
15545   LTV TA-7P Corsair II   exEsq304 [under restoration]
2608     Northrop T-38A Talon      exEsq103
3208     Piper Cub          exACP/CS-ALN
13710   Reims FTB-337G  exEsq505
5176     Republic F-84 (arr.23Jan2012) [for restoration]
5187     Republic F-84 (arr. 6Fev2012) [for restoration]

19314   SE.3160 Alouette III [under restoration for static display]

This Museu do Ar branch is accessible either asking permission to the Museu HQ at Sintra or, by asking to access at the gate, from 10H to 16H (except if any operation/detachment is going on at the moment).

On SAR Alert duties ws SE.3160 Alouette III from Esquadra 552 “Zangões”, were,
19349 – 29 January 2012
19368 – 3 May 2012
19349 – 25 November 2012

From 4 to 18 July took place in the Airfiled the HOT BLADE 2012, an helicopter exercise of the EDA’s Helicopter Training Program [], that included the following participants,

1.Staffel – 5D-HB, 5D-HD, 5D-HF
2.Staffel – 5D-HT, 5D-HX, 5D-HV

Belgian AF – 1st Wing Heli – Agusta A109BA
H-22, H-41, H-46, + another

Finnish AF – Helikopteripataljoona- 1.HK/HekoP – NH90-TTH
NH-210, NH-211, NH-214

German Army - Mittleres Transporthubschrauberregiment 15 (MTHR15) – Sikorsky CH-53G/GS
84+46 , 84+68 , 84+72 , 84+80 , 84+84

Portuguese Air Force (FAP) – Esquadra 751 “Pumas” – EH-101 Merlin
19611 , 19612

Royal Netherlands Air Force – Defense Helicopter Command – 298 Sqdn – Vertol CH-47D Chinook
D-102 , D-661 , D-665 + another

Royal Netherlands Air Force – Defense Helicopter Command – 300 Sqdn – Eurocopter AS532U2


Also participants at AM1 were the FAP – Esquadra 201 / 301 F-16AM’s no.s 15107, 15113, 15116, 15116

Continued presence in SAR Alert duties was Esquadra 552’s SE.3160 Alouette III no.19376

By 25 November, both the TA-7C and the SE.3160 were fully restored, and the restoration of F-84 5187 was fully underway, as the photos show. F-84 5176 was stored elsewere.

Monte Real, Base Aérea nº5

Gate Guards
5301 NA F-86F Sabre exEsq201
15524 LTV TA-7P Corsair II exEsq304
‘15150’ LM F-16A (83-1090)

Present near the Gate, visible from the outside,
1918 Lockheed T-33A
2609 Northrop T-38A
5347 NA F-86F Sabre
5454 FIAT G.91R3
15521 LTV A-7P Corsair II

On the 2nd February 2012, during the Spotters Day of the exercise REAL THAW 2012 were noted, involved in the air operations,
F-16AM/BM Esq201/301 nos. 15102, 15103, 15108, 15114, 15115, 15117, 15122, 15123, 15124, 15125, 15134, plus 15106 (noted but didn’t flew)
C-130H30 Esq501 – 16802
C-295M Esq502 – 16702
EH-101 Esq751 - 19604
Ejercito del Aire Eurofighter’s from Ala.11 C.16-36/11-16, C.16-38/11-18, C.16-48/11-28, CE.16-06/11-75
Cobham Falcon20DC reg.G-FRAH carrying NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff pods
NATO E-3A LX-N-90450
Also noted the Esq601 P-3C nº14811.
For related photos go to,

Also noted in maintenance: 15104, 15126, 15133, 15138,

7 May 2012
Noted passing through BA5 on their way to Lajes (BA4) were Italian AF F-16’s nos. 81-0728/MM72-57; 81-0772/MM72-41;

Montijo, Base Aérea nº6

4th May 2012

Displayed aircraft - 5404 FIAT G.91R/3; 5447 FIAT G.91R/3 (CTSFA i/a); 5463 FIAT G.91R/3 (gate guard).

Esquadra 501 “Bisontes”/C-130H – 16802, 196803; 16805 (mnt); 16806;

Esquadra 502 “Elefantes”/C-295M – 16701; 16706(mnt); 16707 (mnt); 16708;

Esquadra 751 “Pumas”/EH-101 – In maintenance were nos. 19603, 19606, 19609, 19611, 19612, operational were nos. 19608 and 19610. All others were operational, with two flying at time of visit, and the other three at DAA/DAM.

Inside the former Esquadra 401 “Cientistas” Aviocar maintenance hangar were stored, 16504, 16505, 16509, 16510, 16512, 16513, 16517, all wfu, and the 17201 and 17202 both are kept operational. The C-212 no. 16521 was noted being prepared for static display at BA6. Also noted the Museu do Ar MH Broussard nr.3301 in restoration for static display.

Porto, International Airport

4th March 2012
2101 VC-1A Airbus A319-133X CJ Força Aérea Brasileira
2592 Embraer ERJ-190-100ECJ Lineage 1000 Força Aérea Brasileira

Vilar de Luz, Aeródromo Municipal da Maia

Continue based here the two Yakovlev Yak-52 of the aerobatic display team “Smoke Wings” – l/n 13-05-2012, these are, RA-3020K (c/n 9111509) and RA-3466K (c/n 822708).

Thanks to: Floriano Morgado, Francisco Piqueiro, Lima Basto, MiG, Orlando Tato, Rui Bruno.

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