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August – December 2017

Alcafozes (Castelo Branco)
Confirmed presence on 19.8.2017, of Cessna T-37C nº 2423, at Nossa Senhora do Loreto chapel groundings.

Alverca (DGMFA)
A couple of Alphajets were noted as ”road runners” in early November 2017, coming from Beja (BA11) bound to Alverca (DGMFA). Both appeared to be long term storage a/c, no. 15223 (splinter c/s) plus another one (lizard  c/s). The Alphajet fleet is bound to become withdrawn from use by early 2018.

Beja (civil airfield)
Noteworthy the continued presence of the fuselage and wings of AT-401 Thrush Commander reg. CS-AQE (noted 22.8.2017).

Continued presence of FIAT G.91R/3 5425 and T-37C 2417 on a visit in 19.8.2017;

Lajes (BA4)
Hosted by BA4, Lusitano 2017 exercice, took place from 24 to 30 October 2017, involving all three branches of the armed forces. This saw the participation of FAP with a C-130 (16806),  2x F-16’s (15117, 15135), and a P-3P Cup+ (14808). The Portuguese Navy operated in the execice a single Super Lynx Mk.95 no.19201

Leixões (harbor)
Royal Navy’s RFA Argus was noted here during the weekend 18/19 November, having on board 3x AW159 Wildcat HMA.2’s of 825NAS (ZZ528, ZZ378, ZZ377). 

Monte Real (BA5)
At the Open Base Day, on the 10th September 2017, and besides the resident w&r, noted the presence of Esq.502 C-295M 16703 (flight baptisms), and also on the static display Esq.101 TB-30’s 11406, 11410, and F-16 15118. 
The “traditional” line up F-16’s included: 15104; 15106; 15113; 15114; 15116; 15119; 15120; 15128 (RomAF 1607); 15130 (RomAF 1609); 15131; 15136; 15139 (RomAF 1612);
North hangar: 15112(?); 15132; 15133. Central hangar: 15108; 15115; 15122. Main hangar: 15109; ‘15100’. Flights included all the underlined above plus the two QRA a/c: 15135; 15141. 

Montijo (BA6)
Noted on display during a Presidential ceremony at BA6, was SA-330 Puma no.19503 (c/n 1009), previously noted stored in Alverca (DGMFA). 
The ceremony took place on the 11th September 2017, the President of the Republic decorated the Esquadra 751 with the highest honorary order the “Ordem Militar da Torre e Espada, do Valor, Lealdade e Mérito” (Military Order of the Tower and Sword, Valor, Loyalty and Merit).

Porto (aeroporto)
Merlin HM.2 ZH854 RNavy 820NAS arr.12 dep. 14 Sep

Santa Cruz (airfield), Torres Vedras
Alphajet no.15222 continues here displayed at this airfield, l/n Sep.2017.

Santo André das Tojeiras
Still noted here in 19.8.2017, at the local Junta de Freguesia groundings the FIAT G.91T/3 ex WGAF 34+27 (c/n 91-2-0030).

Sintra (BA1)
Not counting the resident Museu do Ar collection, at the Open Base Day, on the 10th September 2017, were noted, 
F-16’s flyby 15119, 15131
C-295M (flight baptisms) 16703
YAKSTARS Display Team [Yak-52 SP-YEL, SP-YOC, SP-YAH]
Visiting from Fundación Infante de Orleans, in Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, was Cessna OV-1E Bird Dog EC-MAB in the colours of USAAF 12992 [c/n305M-0040, exMM61-2992, ex N191JL].
The flight line included Esq.101 TB-30’s 11410, 11405, 11414, 11417
DHC1 1315
Wonderful report http://www.operacional.pt/dia-de-base-aberta-em-sintra/

Fighters passing by Lajes (BA4), Terceira, Açores

12JAN17 - 7x Typhoons RAF - 4x Typhoons departed on 13JAN17 and the other 3x Typhoons on 14JAN17
14JAN17 - 1x Typhoon RAF - Departed on 14JAN17
20JAN17 - 4x A10s USAF MD - Departed 23JAN17
21JAN17 - 2x A10s USAF MD - Departed 23JAN17
22JAN17 - 6x A10s USAF MD - Departed 24JAN17
23JAN17 - 6x F16s RNLAF - Departed 25JAN17
25JAN17 - 2x F16s RNLAF - Departed 26JAN17

18FEB17 - 10x Typhoons SpanishAF - Departed 19FEB17
22FEB17 - 3x F16s USAF AV - Departed 25FEB17

02MAR17 - 3x TOR RAF - Departed 04MAR17
12MAR17 - 4x Typhoons Spanish - Departed 13MAR17
13MAR17 - 4x Typhoons Spanish - Departed 14MAR17
15MAR17 - 6x F16 RNLAF - Departed 16MAR17
20MAR17 - 4x F16s IRAQ (Delivery) - Departed 22MAR17
24MAR17 - 5x EA6Bs USMC MD - Departed 26MAR17

09APR17 - 6x RFAL FranceAF - 5x RFAL departed 10APR17 and the last RFAL on 13APR17
12APR17 - 6x F16s USAF FM - Departed 14APR17
12APR17 - 2x F15s JZ - Departed 13APR17
13APR17 - 6x F16s USAF FM - Departed 14APR17
14APR17 - 5x EA6Bs USMC CY - Departed 15APR17
21APR17 - 3x F35 IsraelAF - Departed 23APR17
29APR17 - 3x RFAL FranceAF - Departed 30APR17
30APR17 - 3x RFAL FranceAF - Departed 01MAY17

02MAY17 - 7x Typhoons RAF - Departed 03MAY17
15MAY17 - 6x AV8s USMC CG - Departed 18MAY17
17MAY17 - 4x AV8s USMC CG - Departed 18MAY17 (2x AV8s return to Lajes Engine Malfunction - Departed 10JUN17)
24MAY17 - 2x AV8s USMC CG - Departed 25MAY17

18JUL17 - 12x A10s USAF DM - 6x A10s departed 19JUL17, 6x A10s departed 20JUL17
21JUL17 - 4x MV22Bs USMC EM - Departed 22JUL17

01AUG17 - 5x F16s PoAF - 2x F16s departed 08AUG17 & 3 F16s departed 10AUG17

12SEP17 - 2x F35s IsraelAF (Delivery) - Departed 14SEP17
25SEP17 - 3x F16s IRAQ (Delivery) - Departed 27SEP17

08OCT17 - 6x EA6Bs USMC MD - Departed 10OCT17
13OCT17 - 5x EA18Gs USN NL - Departed 17OCT17
24OCT17 - 2x F16s PoAF - Departed 26OCT17

19NOV17 - F/A-18D of USMC VMFA(AW)-224 "Fighting Bengals" arr. as “Mazda71”
164876/WK11; 164705/WK02; 164901/WK06; 164723/WK13; 164957/WK01 (black tail mks);

20NOV17 - F/A-18D of USMC VMFA(AW)-224 "Fighting Bengals" arr. as “Mazda81”
164878/WK00 (tiger c/s) “Mazda81”; 164961/WK08 “Mazda82”; 164959/WK14 “Mazda83”; 164951/WK05 “Mazda84”; 164679/WK04 “Mazda85”

Support a/c  KC-10's McGuire ANG nos. 40190; 60028; 70121; 70120;  plus KC-135R Iowa ANG no.71441

05DEC17 – 3x F-15SA delivery flight to Saudi AF 12-1053/”Retro61”; 12-1056/”Retro63”; 12-1057/”Retro62”; support a/c USAF KC-10A 84-0192

08DEC17 – 3x F-15SA delivery flight to Saudi AF 12-1058 +2

09DEC17 – Boeing E-3C 80-0138/OK arr. As “Shuck82”

Thanks to: André Carvalho, André Inácio (via MS), Erwin Husmann (www.spottingmode.com), Floriano Morgado, Luís Neves, Miguel Santos,  Miguel Silva Machado (www.operacional.pt), Ségio Couto.

Aditional information: Jorge Ruivo/CanonTwo 
José Luís Lopes, José Fernandes Santos, Scramble [www.scramble.nl]

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