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Fighter 2020

By Aerotranstornados

Not many notes taken by me during this year I’m afraid, the pandemic “helped” out, and most part of the expected notes would come from the NATO Tiger Meet 2020, hosted by Esquadra 301 “Jaguares” at Beja (BA11), and other events such as air shows and open base days, unfortunately canceled, many postponed to 2021.

This time I've included some notes from other locations, which is the case of Malta, visited in September.

Hope you all are well and wish we can all meet at NTM2021 in Beja next May!

Alverca (city)

New adition to Alverca, on the roundabout by the entrance of the A1, unmarked Northrop T-38A Talon (FAP 2612, s/n 61-0903, c/n N5261) was placed on a plinth by early June 2019, confirmed by 13Nov2020. Also confirmed presence of Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (c/n 31-7752159) reg. CS-AVM, and the Cessna T-37C, nr. 02412 (s/n 62-5936, c/n 40736), at the local high school.


Alverca (Museu and DGMFA)

Noted on the 13th November 2020, gate guard at DGMFA remains the Cessna T-37C 2411 (c/n 40735; s/n 62-5935). Also noted from the gate the fuselages of two C-212, and at the “dump”  only clearly visible was DC-6 6706.

The Museum had outside the A-7P no.15508, F-86F no.5319, T-38A no.2601.

Alverca (OGMA)

29Jan2020 – first flight of F-16AM 15143 (s/n 82-1004), was delivered on the 12Mar2020 

Visit on the 13th November included (visible from the car park): Embraer ERJ-175’s 2-RLBU, 2-RLBY, 2-RLBV, 2-RLBW; plus three ERJ-145’s near the balloon hangar.


13July2020 – revisited the place of the crash of Focke-Wulf Fw200C-4 “Condor”, nº0178 / F8+NT da III/Kg.40 (Kampfgeswader 40). 

Only a hand full of the aircraft remains are knowned, the aircraft remains said to have been scrapped. This few bits of it are on display at the local Associação de Defesa do Património Histórico e Arqueológico de Aljezur (ADPHAA) []. l/n 13-07-2020

The crew is burried in the Aljezur cemetery, and integrate the Volksbund.

Beja (BA11 – Base Aérea nº11)

20May2020 - noted the dismantling for scrap some of the older types being stored there, indentified and confirmed were T-33’s 1905, 1907, 1909, 1911, 1924, 1927.

An official dispatch refers the scrapping of these aircraft plus 2 FTB-337G’s and 8 T-37C’s stored in Alverca (DGMFA).

In a satellite image, there could be others possible a/c on the way to the same end. 

In the Google image above captured in early December 2020, one can identify 20 a/c, being 9 A-jet’s, 1 T-38, 2 C-212, 1 F-104, 7 T-33’s. An educated guess of mine would be … F-104G 20+99; T-38A 2602; T-33A’s (all the above plus 1922; C-212 (possible 16501, 16503, 16508, 16519).

The 9 A-jets …. Possibly among 15203; 15204; 15205; 15207; 15215; 15216; 15217; 15219; 15225; 15228; 15230; 15233; 15238; 15239; 15247.

According to one source at least, none of this aircraft is currently still there (since June 2020), the same source shown me some pictures taken in 17 May 2018, were I identified least 12 Alphajets, 2 C-212’s, 2 T-38’s (2602, 2612), and  several T-33’s. The Alphajets were 15204, 15213, 15227, 15229, 15230, 15233, 15237, 15239, plus two with no tails and two others.

Lajes, Terceira (BA4 – Base Aérea nº4)

I’ve received a bunch of reports from one of my friends at Lajes, however I’m not as good as a friend as him, and I failed to transcrive them into this report. My public and sincere apologies!

1Mar2020 – stopping at Lajes on their way to the US for participating in Red Flag exercise were Spanish AF EF.2000’s C16-45, C16-62; C16-74; C16-73; C16-12; CE16-14; C16-43; C16-52; C16-35; C16-64; plus P-3 P3M-08 and C-130 TK10-11.

9Mar2020 – B-2A Spirit 88-0332 and 82-1070 of 393EBS on an European familiarization tour, supported by KC-10 of 303AMW;

Lisboa (Aeroporto)

11Mar2020 noted F-16AM’s 15116 and 15131, for training of airport ground crews.

Lisboa (Belém)

New addition to the Museu do Combatente in Belém, is the SE.3160 9304 (exBeja), keeping company to the nose section of FIATG.91R/4 FAP no.5420 [c/n 91 4 0130, exBD+362, exBR+363] both noted on the 13th November 2020.

Maceda, Ovar (AM1 – Aeródromo de Manobra nº1)

Noted during February the presence of two Esquadra 552 Koala’s together with the only flying examples of the SE.3160 Alouette III, during training and qualification of crews in all operational aspects of their mission, with an emphasis on the SAR duties.

Esquadra 552 maintains a permanent SAR detachment in AM1, for short distance SAR, with the last two examples of the fleet due to wfu as soon as the Koala achieves Operacional Capability (expected on arrival of the 5th and last helicopter of the fleet, sometime during 2020).

Monte Real (Base Aérea nº5)

10Mar2020 – noted the presence of Aeronavale Françaice Rafale M nos. 26 and 40. Also noted Esquadra 101 TB.30’s no. 11414 and 11419.

Sintra (Base Aérea nº1 / Museu do Ar)

Visited on the 12th November 2020 noted were, 

Main Hall

Blériot XI replica; Junkers Ju52 6304; Santos Dumond 14bis replica; Caudron G.III replica, Farman MF40 replica; Santos Dumond XX Demoiselle replica; DH89 Dragon Rapide no.2307; Avro 631 Cadet no.501; Beechcraft AT-11 no.2504, DH84A Tiger Moth no.’111’; Sikorsky H-19 no.’9101’; DHC1 Chipmunk no.1309; Supermarine Spitfire HF.IXC no.ML255 (nose job to look like a Mk.V); NA F-86F no.’5320’; Republic F-84G ‘5131’; Douglas C-47A/DC-3 reg.CS-DGA (restored half as CS-TDE); FIAT G.91R/3 no.5445; LTV TA-7P no.15550; Nord Noratlas no.’6403’; Boeing 707 reg.9T-MSS (nose section); Schulgleiter Grunnau 38 reg.PE-1; Super Constellation reg.CS-TLA (nose section); Caravelle (static simulator)

Civil and Sports Aviation Hall

Piper Cub no.3218;  DHC1 Chipmunk no. 1345 (exG-OACP); DH87 Hornet Moth reg.CR-AAC; (no markings); Beech F.33 reg.CS-AZI; Jurca Tempête reg. CS-AXB; FTB-337G no.13701; Alouette III instructional airframe; Dornier Do27 no.3487 (fuselage);

Military Campaigns in Africa Hall

Alouette III no.19384; SA-330 Puma no.19512; Alouette II no.9217; NA T-6G no.1737; Auster D5/160 reg.CS-AMX (no markings); FIAT G.91R/4 no.’5407’; MH1521M Broussard no.3304;

Training and Transport Hall

Falcon 20DC no.17103; Northrop T-38A no.2605; Lockheed T-33A no.1923; Alphajet A no.15224; Cessna T-37C no.2414,

Displayed outside

Alphajet A no.15209 (Asas de Portugal c/s); Lockheed P-3P no.14806; Lockheed P-2V-5 no.4711; CASA C-212nº16508;

Not forgetting the Cessna T-37C no. 2422 at the entrance to the road that leads to the Base and the Museum.

Tires (airfield)

Noted the presence of Beechcraft UC-45J reg.N9440 (s/n66464), and the Tecnovia owned FTB-337G reg. CS-DIT (ex 3725 (c/n 0026), this on the 12Nov2020.

VARZEA, Barragem da Varzea de Calde (Viseu)

Regarding the apearence of a submerged FIAT G.91R/3 in a dam for training purposes for divers of firefighting corporations. I’ve updated my April post on this particular matter with a video that popped up on FB in November 2020.


During my visit to Malta in September, noted the following.

22Sept2020 – at National War Museum, in Fort St. Elmo, the Sea Gladiator reg. N5520 (“Faith”), plus the wreck of a Spitfire Vc, rescued from the sea.

23Sept2020 – at Luqa airport, behind the control tower the EECo Canberra T.4, ex13 Sqdn, reg???

During the visit to the Air Wing noted the: 

Britten Norman BN-2B/T Islander  AS9516 (stored) ; AS9819 (oper.)

Beechcraft Super King Air B200   AS1126 (oper.), AS1227 (mnt)

Sud Aviation SA-316B Alouette III  AS 9211 (oper.), AS9212 (oper.), AS9315 dsmtl stored hangar, AS9618 dsmtl stored hangar

Agusta Westland AW-139  AS1428 (SAR ALert), AS1630 (SAR Alert), AS1429 (mnt). 

Bristol Buldog AS0621 (stored)


Malta Aviation Museum at Ta’Qali, noted, 

Agusta-Bell AB47 G-2 reg.AS7201 (c/n225)

Agusta-Bell AB.204B  MM80303/1 (reserve)

Agusta Bell UH-1H c/n AAB5232  reg.?D-HAQO’ (really 66-0749)

Armstrong-Withworth Sea Hawk FGA.6 reg. WV826 c/nA2532

BAC 1-11 (cabin) (ex5N-BBP, c/n 202)

Beechcraft 18S  (N495F) (reserve)

Callus Centaur 2000 reg. JC-XXX/Ariana (girocopter)

Cessna L-19E Bird Dog reg.9H-ACB s/bn 61-2983, exItalian AF, exAFM

De Havilland Vampire T MK.11 reg. WZ550

Denney Kitfox 3 reg. 9H-UMH exG-BUDR

Douglas C-47A (43-15762; c/n 20228, exC-FITH)

Douglas Dakota IV (KN462)/Z , c/n16118/32925?  (T9-ABC) exF-GILV?

English Electric Company Lightning F.2 (nose section) reg.XN769 RAF 92 Sqdn 

Fairey Swordfish Mk.II HS491 

FIAT G.91R1/B reg.MM6377/2-11 c/n NC191 Italian Air Force 14º Gruppo 2º Stormo

Gloster Meteor F.8 WF714

Gloster Meteor NF.14 WS774

Handley Page Hastinsg C(VIP).4 WJ325 (cabin remains)

Handley Page Hastings C.2 WJ328 (cabin remains)

Hawker Hurricane MkIIA Z3055

North American T-6G reg. MM53679/SL-36

Pou du Ciel reg. HM14

Schleicher K8  reg.PH-455

Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc  EN199/R-B 

Based at Luqa airport are 

De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth reg. G-ANFW c/n 85660 exRAF DE730 

Piper Cub L4H A-65-8 Grasshopper  9H-CUB (c/n 11883)

My article in Pássaro de Ferro on the Museum.


Thanks to: Miguel Santos; André Carvalho; Paulo Mata;

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