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Aerotranstornados nº28 - Lockheed T-33A nº1928 @ Museu Pedagógico Luso-Brasileiro

PEDROSO, Vila Nova de Gaia

GPS: 41° 5'12.94"N   8°34'13.37"W

ADESG Europa – Rua de Figueiredo 240, 4415-224 Pedroso, V.N.Gaia
Phone    911 979 712
Email    adesgeuropa@gmail.com

Website: http://museupedagogico.org/o-museu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Museu-Pedagogico-Luso-Brasileiro/648282205214927?id=648282205214927&sk=info

The Museu Pedagógico Luso Brasileiro (Portuguese-Brazilian Pedagogical Museum), was created in 2012, under the European section of the ADESG – Associação dos Diplomados da Escola Superior de Guerra (Association of Graduates of the Superior War College). Since then, has been gathering artifacts for the conclusion of their pedagogical objectives.
Their first aircraft, loaned by the Força Aérea Portuguesa, Lockheed T-33A FAP no.1928 [s/n 51-17513; c/n 7573; exBelgianAF FT-21; l/n  25.03.2011 Beja ], was transported to this site in several batches from April 2013, and was finally assembled by a Museu do Ar team during September 2013.
The Museum has also a collection of several other aviation related items, like a complete set of instruments, including a cockpit panel of an yet undisclosed F-104.
The Museu is not open to the public but visits to the location could be arranged by contacting the Museu.

l/n 08Mar2014


More information :  http://walkarounds-ccadf.blogspot.pt/2014/03/museu-pedagogico-luso-brasileiro.html

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