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Aerotranstornados nº29

Base Aérea nr.4 Lajes, Terceira

 1 July 2013

2 July 2013

'5414' FIAT G.91R/4 – noted stored in Aero Clube da Ilha Terceira hangar. This aircraft real ID is 5415.

Note that FIAT '5415',  at Santa Maria Airport, it's really 5514.

3 July 2013

9 July 2013

Confirmed presence of A-7P nº 15536 nose section, owned by a private collector. This was actually the first A-7P to be scrapped in Alverca. The ID was confirmed inside the cockpit as 5536/153208. Owner to start rebuilding it over the next few years.

Santa Maria 
15 February 2014

Noted here since 1993, the FIAT G.91R4 nº ‘5415’, displayed in a plinth at the “Bairro da ANA”, near the “Clube ANA de Santa Maria”.

The aircraft is in fact 5414, that was restored as 5415.

29 March 2014

Noted at the entrance of the parking lot o the Aero Clube de Chaves, at the Aerodromo Municipal de Chaves, is the Lockheed T-33AN ex FAP no.1952 [c/n T-33 AN, ex RCAF 21228].


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